Teal and Brown Necklace (working), Purple Banded Dragonfly Necklace, WALL of AMAZING and Spring Sale (35% off)

Another amazing day of beading behind me….and ahead of me! I hope that today I get to finish the strap on my soft teal necklace! I just love the way it has been going so far! Just wait until you see the finish of the center.  Ready??  Here we go!

What do you think???  I will be starting the strap this morning…and I have an idea for the earrings….we’ll see!!  Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

Now on to the new listing for today…it is simple, but beautiful! Purple, purple and PURPLE!! 🙂  You can purchase it with just a couple of clicks ($47) if you would like, or anything else in my shop!!

And this is just amazing!!  This is a wall from one of my customers homes!  The items on the left are my patterns that she beaded, and on the right is my creations!!  Notice the new addition, the Red Fairy (that I just finished) is at the top!! Talk about a BOOST to my ego!!! WOW, that is just AMAZING!!!

And don’t forget, you still have a couple of days left to use the discount….but you have to hurry!!! 🙂

For today I want to leave you with this thought – from ALL handmade ARTISTs and CRAFTERS!!

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