Soft Teal Necklace (working-DONE), Vintage Blue Necklace Set (new listing) and Last Days of Spring Sale (35% off)

It is FRIDAY!!  I hope that you are planning on doing something wonderful this weekend!!  For us it will be a ‘usual’ weekend!  We do celebrate Easter, but quietly in our own home/way.  So, it will be a family oriented weekend!!  I hope yours is too…no matter what you are doing! For me, I will also be able to get photos of the finished Soft Teal necklace/earrings.  Want to see?  Here you go!! What do YOU think?

I will be starting something new this morning, but I don’t have it all laid out for photos yet!! It is PURPLE…7 shades actually!! I will get started on the bracelet later this morning! I hope that you click over to watch! I also have a new listing for this morning, but it is BLUE!!  Just look at those vintage beads mixed in there! If you are interested in this set then please click over, it is only $30 and see what else is in the shop too!!

There is only TODAY and TOMORROW left to use the code to save, so do it now!! 🙂

And for today I want to leave you with this thought;

“In the end, all that will matter is who you became and how many you helped.” ~ Robin Sharma

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