A Soldiers Prayer at Sunset (finished), Green and White (new working), Last Day to Order 14th BeadALong and Garden and Art Festival (up coming show)

I am done and so very very very proud of how this one turned out! What do you think of the frame? This great wall art is already on it’s way to NY to it’s new owner!! I am just soooooo proud!

And if you want to try to do this one yourself, you are welcome to purchase the pattern.  It has been adjusted – just a little – so that the one I made is a TRUE OOAK!! Just click below to check it out or buy your own copy!!

When I get done with one project it is always time to start another!!  I put it out over the weekend and was told that the Green and White creation should be next….well, OK!! Here it is!! Let’s get this day of beading started!!

If you haven’t gotten your kit yet, today is the day!!

Have you made plans for Mothers Day yet? Well, now is the time!!!  Join me Mother’s Day weekend at the Jacksonville Zoo!!

Today I’ll leave you with this thought;

This is where it all begins.  Everything starts here, today! ~David Nicholls

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