Green Dragon Bookmark (finished and listed), Peyote Bracelet in a Box – September and Lisa Wingate Tending Roses GiveAWay

Are YOU ready for this week??  I know I am!! Yesterday was SOOO busy, but fun too!!  I can’t wait to start something new today…not sure what I am going to start yet, but I will sit down about 9am to the bead tray!! Come back tomorrow to check out the NEW creation!  Today I’ll so off what I finished yesterday! The Green Dragon!  Just look at how it turned out! I just love it! I think the green at the top and bottom just ‘finish’ off the look! What do YOU think?

I also don’t want to forget about the new Peyote Bracelet of the Month Kit.   This is a beautiful pattern (and I can’t wait to do it myslef) that you’ll be able to make.  Remember, you get EVERYTHING that you need to finish the kit into a bracelet!!  Kit A KIT B Remember, you only buy the kits you want and they are sold until the 10th of the month and shipped on/before the 18th of the month!!

But I know why many of you are here…to enter to win this amazing book (and bookmark)!!  This book (not this copy) is the first book I read of Lisa Wingate’s.  I fell in love with her writing and stories!!  I have been a fan, and lucky enough to say friend, of hers ever since!!  You will love it too, it will touch you…down deep inside….when you read it! So, click below and enter to win….GOOD LUCK!!

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I guess that it all for today, but I’ll leave you with this thought for the day;

Our accomplishments show what kind of people we are. ~Gil Scott-Heron

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