Finished Jewelry (Ron Weasley Bookmark, Red Velvet and Copper Necklace), Blue Goldstone Necklace (working 2 sides), Peyote Bracelet of the Month (sept) and Tending Roses GiveAWay

It is MONDAY!!!  Yep, time to get this week started!! I didn’t do any beading over the weekend, but I do have new listings for today (and Friday).  Just look at the way that Ron Weasley turned out!!  I just love these bookmarks!!  I hope that whoever buys them also loves them just as much!!

And then for today there is this beautiful Red Velvet and Copper necklace set….it is BOLD and big, but is is BEAUTIFUL too!!

Today I get to work some more on the Blue Goldstone and Antique Gold Necklace.  This one is so unique!! Here are BOTH sides finished…this morning I get to start on the strap!! Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

If you haven’t grabbed yours yet, now is the time!! Kit A KIT B Remember, you only buy the kits you want and they are sold until the 10th of the month and shipped on/before the 18th of the month!!

I know that many of you are here to sign up for the giveaway, well, click away!!!  This is an amazing book, terrific author and you get the bookmark too!! 🙂

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Today I’ll leave you with this thought;

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