A BEAUTIFUL Monday to be Inspired 5/11/15

Today I feel VERY motivated!! I woke up feeling terrific and very inspired!  I hope that I can pass that along to you!! What inspires you?  Is there something that you do or think about to get that ‘feeling’?

Over the weekend was Mother’s Day (and I also had an anniversary last week) so my wonderful hubby brought me 2 sets of flowers!!  I just had to put them together….that seemed the right thing to do, and here they are!flowers 2

And then, over the weekend I was also able to finish the Purple Agate Slice I have been working on.  I have named it Queen Victorious.  Why?  Because I feel like it was a victory for me to be able to get those crystals to not only stay, but lay the way that I wanted them to.  Trust me, you saw the updates, but what you didn’t see was the 500 times (may not be an exaggeration) I had to take off the needle, pull out beads and re-thread the needle.  If you have ever done this type of creations before you’ll know that the needles are VERY thin and VERY hard to thread!! Think about this…..these needles and thread go through (sometimes 4-6 times) a bead that is so small that there are 15 of them per inch!!!! YEP, it was a VICTORY for me…..and for the outcome!! :).queen victorious necklace set 1So, today I get to start something new!  I am so happy to have one of these left….yes, I have done others of her creations!!  Who is it? It’s Wings n Scales!  She is an amazing artist!!  Want to see what I am making??  Please click on over to my  Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page  were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day!

star fish beadwoven wrk necklace set 1

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;


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