A finished DRAGON, a new project (9th annual) and a month of ‘catch up’ Peyote Bracelet of the Month Kits

I am finished!!  I have to say that I wasn’t sure how this one would turn out, but….it turned out amazing!!! I just love the way the spikes look…and they match the colors perfectly! YEP…if this one doesn’t sell it might be one that joins MY COLLECTION!! 😉  Did YOU like it? Well, you can click on the photo below and it will take you to other photos and the listing!!

Of course I also have to start something new this morning!!  I think I’ll start early on my Annual Christmas Tree Bracelet.  This will be the 9th year to do the same pattern.  I always use different beads (colors) and different embellishments.  I have an idea for the embelishments this year….I think vintage (over 100 years old) crystals from my grandmothers stash.  These were cut off a dress that she had….and it was passed down from her mother!! What do you think of that? Here is last years – 8th annual – Christmas Tree bracelet (already sold)!!  I’ll go gather the beads for this years!!

Have you gotten your kit yet??  For the DECEMBER kit I will be selling all the kits I have done so far!!  You can catch up and grab the kits that you didn’t get yet!!  I think I’ll do this annually, but I might have to do it 2x a year….6 kits each time…we’ll see!  But, for now, just click and you’ll go to the link where you can buy 1 or all of them!!  Just make sure you tell me in the notes which one you want!! 🙂

I guess that is all for today.  I really must leave you with this thought, though, for the day….it is something my mother used to say.  I am not sure that she is the FIRST person to say it, and I didn’t understand it until I was about 30 – and I mean REALLY UNDERSTAND it….but I do now.  I love you mom, and thanks for the advice!!

Life always seem to get in the way of living…..don’t let it! ~Krafty Max MOM!!

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  1. David Leonhardt

    That tiny dragon is really impressive. But when I click on the image, I get “Error establishing a database connection”