A Funny Monster, Sugar Skull Wall Art (working), #Bonus with Purchase and Green and Gold Bracelet

What a weekend!!  Full of fun and family!!  Here is a set of photos that I just have to share!!

I was able to work on my newest creation a little over the weekend….and YES, someone did finally guess it!  After MANYYYYY guesses of the rose from Beauty and the Beast someone finally guessed that is will be a Sugar Skull!  Most of my life I have loved them….buy I seem to only like some!  This one I designed to fit into the ‘happy’ category!!  Here is where I start off this morning! Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

Sugar Skull Wall Art wrk 113 8136

And YES, I do have a new listing for today….it is the class bracelet I made!!  We had so much fun at class on Friday night!!  The first one I show you is the one that is for sale, the others are what we made at class!!

green and gold class bracelet


Well, here it is!!  Here is a #BONUS on your purchases!!  Just look at how much you can get towards your next purchase…but it is only until the end of the month, so grab your creations while you can!!

1 Moving Along Bonus

This morning I am going to try to catch up on my ‘making of’ videos….wish me luck!!  I also have to work on my details for the eMagazine – Krafty United eMagazine.  I hope to get that kicked off soon!!

But for today I’ll leave you with this thought;

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within!! ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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2 Responses

  1. Keri LaPensee

    Love particular Sugar Skulls, it is going to look fantastic when done!! Awesome your son looks wicked Happy!!

    • Krafty Max

      🙂 Thanks…he had so much fun!! 🙂 ~KM