A Kit, an Award (2 Actually) and Tamale Pie!

I am so very proud…my first kit is available!!  Just look at what you will make!!  AND, I have already sold 1…so there is only 9 more!! HURRY!  This is a great way to learn how do beadweaving, make a piece of artwork and because all the supplies are provided its easy!

live love laugh kit 2 copy

Yesterday I received my AWARD WINNING creations from Fire Mountain Gems!  I started my happy dance all over again!!  I just can’t believe how excited I am!  Just look at these certificates….just amazing!!  AND they might use them in an add!!  OH MY GOODNESSSSSS!

Fire and Ice Art FMG

emerald elegance necklace FMG

emerald elegance necklace FMG 2

Of course I also have a new listing for today…just look at this one! Talk about PERFECT for FALL…and it has ALL 3 pieces…so it will match anything!

Red Fire Jasper 3 Piece Set 1

What more can I show you today?  Well, how about another photo of my daughter!! She says that these 3D Lashes are ‘daughter approved’ so that means – they are WONDERFUL!  Book an ON-LINE party now and if you are the first one with 2 sales you’ll receive a free 3D Mascara from us!! So, BOOK YOUR PARTY NOW!

younique 23

Now for something different!  Have you ever made, or even heard of, Tamale Pie?  My mom made this when I was a kid (and still does make it) and I have to tell you it is a FUN FILLING dinner!! It also is great to make a BIG batch and then send the kids with some the next day for lunches…. It is easy to make.

IMG_0935[1]I know, not a great photo, but here goes the recipient (quantities are as you would like)

3 pounds Hamburger – Cooked

Large Family Size Rice (we like yellow) – Cooked

2-3 Cans of diced tomatoes

2-3 Cans of Black Olives

2 Cans of Corn

Taco Seasoning as Required.

Heat it all until hot throughout…..eat (some family members like catsup on it)

And now, for a final thought for today;

There is more to life that increasing it’s speed. Slow DOWN and enjoy life!


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2 Responses

  1. Jessica L

    Can’t wait to get my kit in the mail!! Mine will be made for a gift for the holidays?
    So very cool you got your pieces and award certificates!! Yay- happy dancing all over again!!
    Lovely 3 piece set for the fall or anytime of the year?
    Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for always being an inspiration!!

    • Krafty Max

      THANK you so much for your support and inspiration!! 🙂 ~KM