A Monster, A Wiggles and Lisa Wingate’s New Book!

What a week!!  Yes, it has only been a week!!!  I really have to show off my Monster…..he was so tired after playing all day and took a cuddle with my dear friend dog, Wiggles!!

monster and wiggles

Aren’t they cute?   And now on to something else that is CUTE – well, this is more ELEGANT I think! Just look at this necklace set!

Bronzite & Magnesite Mixed with Swarovski Necklace Set

Have you been watching this red beauty grow?  I just love the way this one is turning out.  It is very ‘flowy’ (that seems to be the word that fits).  You can come over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

Rosy Flower Beadwoven Necklace wrk 15

Oh my goodness, I am so excited about my news, but I just can’t tell you yet!!! I am waiting for everything to be finalized and ready….it literly should be ANY DAY NOW….oh my goodness, I just can wait!!!  I have been approved and am now listing my large art creations ___ _________ __ _________!!!!!    OH MY!!!!


Have you entered yet??  Have YOU???  Please do, not only do I really love the way Lisa Wingate writes, but the stories touch so many people’s hears…. I am sure they will touch yours!!
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Today I want to leave you with this thought;

Your attitude can make all the difference in how your day will begin and end.  ~Nishan Panwar





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