A Weekend Away…

For those of you who didn’t know, I had a weekend away.  I attended the Adult Weekend for Leaders and co-Leaders of Girl Scouts.  Boy was it fun.  
I taught 3 classes over the weekend (earrings, simple stranded necklace/bracelet and basic peyote bracelet). 

Friday Night we renewed friendships and had fun laughing and enjoying all of our years accomplishments.

Saturday the weather was beautiful as some of us learned crafts, some taught, and some just enjoyed the beautiful surroundings.

This morning we held our ceremony that showed us all how strong we are when we work together.  Then we cleaned up, loaded up, learned more crafts and then said good bye to some of our friends that we wont get to see again until next year.  

I hope that all my friends, new and old, know how much they mean to me.  This weekend did a lot to heal my sole, mind and helped me catch up on my sleep!  Thank you, and you all, know who your are!  And a very special to MeMe, for watching Aye and Monster so that I could go (hubby had guard duty) and enjoy my weekend without worrying about my kids or were they were.

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