Announcing: Celebration of Women Gift Guide, Beautiful Pink and Gold Swirls, Lips Artwork (working) and Branching into the Season #GiveAWay!

WOW, what a week it has already been!! Later today I’ll be ‘putting out’ my dates and the advertising rates for the spring/summer gift guide.  The title for this years guide will be Celebration of Women Gift Guide.  Keep a watch out for the next post where you can find out more.  Even a free entry in the guide…but it will be limited so the ‘first come first get’ rule will apply!  So keep your eyes open!!

But for today I am really happy to show off this new listing….it is fun, elegant and beautiful! Just look at the color and the Swarovski Crystals.  Does this one look like Spring to YOU??

Have you been watching the LIPS be worked on? Well, here is where I am kicking off this morning…it is simple and fun!!  I can’t wait to see how she frames this!!  Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

Have you seen some of the photos from the 9th BeadALong?  Just look at these wonderful creations that my students are making…YES!!!  I feel so proud to be able to teach more people to bead!!

Have you entered yet? Now is the time…there is only a couple of days left!!

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Today I want to leave you with this thought, simple and true!

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy take! ~Hans Christian Andersen

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