Art Beads Special Post

Art Beads Special Post
Colors of Fall Design Partners Entry

Through the Art Beads Blogger Program I am given a theme, a budget and then I can let my imagination run!  This time the theme is ‘Colors of Fall’ and somehow those creations really come to me.  I am not sure if it is because I love the colors, the season or just something ‘clicks’ when I work in that grouping…but it works!  I had no problem choosing and designing this bracelet!   Below the photos are also links – so you can find these beads too!  I am also listing this bracelet in my KraftyMax studio…please enjoy!!!

Please visit Art Beads and check out all their wonderful items.  I actually was able to get all these supplies from them….please see the links below…

You can also see the work of the other Beading Partners at 
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2 Responses

  1. Three Fates

    Wow, this is so pretty. I love beadwork with Swarovski crystals, so sparkly.

  2. Robin

    Very pretty bracelet!!