#BeadALong #Kits in the Mail, Teal #Agate Slice in the Making and NO FOOLING #Sale!

Well, they are out in the MAIL!! YEP, the #BeadALong kits are on their way to their homes!!  I can’t wait to get everything started!!

beadalong mailout

I was only able to work a tiny bit last night on my Teal Agate Slice, I was busy getting the last kits made and out to the mail!! But, I did some! Today I start off with the final rounds and then the strap!  Remember, you can come over to my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

Teal Beadwoven Agate Slice wrk 11

Did you catch the sale?  I figured April Fools was just as good of an excuse as any to have a sale!!  Why so many sales lately?  Well, I am trying to clean out my inventory!  I also have a couple of BIG projects I need to order the supplies for, so…you benifit! This one is for the weekend only…so hurry…now is the time to buy that ‘big item’ that you really want!  REMEMBER, Mother’s Day is coming up too!

April Fools Sale

Did you see today’s listing? TEAL!! I think I have TEAL on the brain!!  This one is simple, yet so beautiful!!

Teal Agate and Antique Gold with Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set 1

Is there more?  I don’t think so today, but next week there will be!!  Keep coming back….and remeber to refer a friend!!

Today I’l leave you with this thought;

Gratitude is the memory of the heart! ~Jean-Baptiste Massieu

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