Beadwoven Wood Slice, New Creation, Happy Little Girl and Customer and Sale is Ending!!

It is FRIDAY!!  I am excited about how this week has gone! There has been so many things that have made me SMILE, that have INSPIRED me and have made me hope to INSPIRE others!! This weekend if full of family and fun, but for today I get to show off what I have been working on and what is new!! First I want to show you how I finished the slice of wood my father cut and finished for me!  This is one of those necklaces that will always mean a lot to me (I am also making myself one)!  What do YOU think about it?  Do you like it?
Beadwoven Hand Cut Wood Necklace 2
And if you were watching yesterday you’ll know that I started another creation!! This one has so far stumped people (although I am only 3 rows in)!!  What do YOU think it is?  Remember, you can come over to my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.
Elephant ACEO Wrk colors
Elephant ACEO Wrk 3
Now, to ‘show off’ a little!!  Here is a little girl with her blanket!! Mom says that since she got it she wont put it down!!  Just look at that face!! 🙂  12755195_10205789005475411_1353191063_o
And here is a HAPPY customer!! I am always so proud when someone is happy with their purchase/gift!!  It make it all worth it!!
Ending soon! Receive 40% off!! For #Mothers day, #Easter,or #yourself #JustBecause!~KM
2000 Blog Post Celebration
Well, that is all for today, but I would like to leave you with this thought;
Lovely moments ae like seeds in the soul that grow into tender memories. ~RP
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2 Responses

  1. Frauke

    Happy Friday! I love the warmth of the wood with the beads. Wonderful work!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you….and just think it has ‘built in love’ from my dad and me!! ~KM