Beautiful Rose Necklace (working), Mauve and Pink Set, Orange/Yellow Set, Update on 10th BeadALong and Celebration of Women Gift Guide

Well, my daughter is still home, but now it is the ‘recovery’ part.  Sometimes that almost takes longer…she feels better but we have to have her rest and stay away from lights, electronics and such.  This makes it very hard to keep up on her homework…if she can’t get on the computer and hard on the boredom.  The good part is that the meds make her tired and so the rest is the best thing for her!! Another day of beading and quiet for me (and her both)!!  But I don’t mind.  I get a LOT more done when I can concentrate and focus on the beautiful beads in front of me!  I have finished the frame on both sides of this rose, so today I start the strap, I might even be able to get this one done today…oh YESSSS! Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

I listed two more of the creations I made from the Bead Peeps Swap N Hop 2017 from beads that were sent to me by Ms. Penny Jane!!  These are both FUN and something that ANYONE can wear for any season!!  I love the vintage look of the mauve and pink necklace…and then the beautiful orange/yellow of the other set!?!?

I am also working on my next BeadALong.  This one will be a ‘learning the basics’ kit!  Most of the kit will be centered around my videos on how to do basic stitches and us the basic findings.  So far I am thinking of including these;

*odd count peyote

*even count peyote

*reading a print peyote pattern

*right angle weave

*cubic/tubular right angle weave

*flat herringbone

*tubular herringbone

*crimp basics / crimp covers

*wire guardians

*turning earwires

*open/close jump rings

Is there anything that YOU would like to have included that isn’t on the list? I plan on selling ‘just the videos’ and also a basic kit with some beads (and other supplies) that you can use for the stitches.

What do YOU think about this idea? Talk about a LOADED class!  This one will be everything you need to get started if you are just learning and/or learn tricks to make your creations faster and of better quality!

Don’t forget, the dates have been extended…..please let me know what size ad you want!!

Today I’ll leave you with this thought;

Treasure today for the gift it is.  Appreciate the bounty of beauty and possibility around you!

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