Betty Blue the Golden Goddess (revealed), New Black and Grey Creations (working) and 6th #BeadALong

We are SAFE!  The biggest part of the storm has past us…and it was mostly north of us.  Once again, life moves on in North Florida!!

Just look at today’s new listing…I am proud of this one.  I know that silver is usually used for teal/blue, but for whatever reason the GOLD looked right…and i am VERY proud of it!!  What do YOU think of it?

Betty Blue the Golden Goddess Beadwoven Wearable Art Necklace 1

And for those of you who were watching yesterday I started something new…maybe it is the ‘clouds’ on this stone that made me want to use it next…not really sure, but here we go!!  Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

Grey and Black Necklace wrk 1

For those of you that still want to grab a kit, now is the time…I’ll be getting the kits together next week, so hurry!!

6th beadalong B

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

How sweetly this day nourishes and inspires!

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