BOB and my Son – Monster!

GOOD MORNING!! Yes, I know it is Tuesday, but I feel amazing and INSPIRED this morning!!  Yesterday I sent off my entries (for more info – 2 Designs Chosen for the Finals) to Fire Mountain Gems!!  Talk about hard on the heart!! My two biggest most labor of love intensive creations I have ever done, just went out in a box to the other side of the US!!!  And get this, I was only able to insure the ‘cost’ of the materials!! Because they are Handmade and One-of-a-kind they can’t be replaced so they wont cover the RETAIL value….please….please…. let them get there, be judged and back without an issue…please!! 🙂 

Over the weekend we went to see the movie Tomorrow Land.  It was a good teen movie and I think the messages in it were wonderful!!  But for my son that makes a VERY long day.  Just the ‘off routine’ part starts it off, and then the ‘sitting still and quietly’ part makes it more….but, when we came out we found the MINIONS!! Yep!! My monster loves BOB!!  So….

monster and minion bob monster and minionBut then, once our day was over and he ran around outside for a bit….it was CRASH time…have I mentioned how much I love my children latelymonster sleepingBut now, down to the ‘beading’ part of my life!  I was able to start a new project yesterday….here are the colors and how far I got yesterday…can you ‘see’ what it is yet?  Remember, you can come on over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page were I post ‘working’ photos throughout the day! bookworm book mark wrkbookworm book mark wrk 23And then there are the creations I am making from the prize stash I received from Pyxee Styx.  Today I get to show you the second in the series!!  Just look at that amazing glass!!  And the colors….if you want to see something ‘extra special’ about it click on the photo and check out the clasp!!


SO, is that enough for today? I think so, but before I go let me leave you with this last thought;

Follow your dreams – they know the way!

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