Brown/Mahogany WIP, New WIP, Tiger Iron & Black Agate, & Available Kit!!

Hello all!! How are we doing all today?? Are you all ready to share what you are working on?? Today is the day…some come on over to my Fan pages and share away…no matter the creation(Jewelry, tapestry, knitting, crocheting, painting, etc.) …you get my point-just share 😉 Time to INSPIRE each other and lift each other up!! Today I am finishing up the Brown/Mahogany WIP and I am that close to being done I have also started another WIP!! So, I will share what I have started with you all for that as well. Since I don’t have a new listing today, I thought it would be awesome to share with you something that I already have in my shop that you might have or might not have seen…Tiger Iron & Black Agate Set and then I will have the available Kits to show you all!! Super excited to see where this day takes us all…are you ready to start? I know I am!!

So, let us start off with the final working pictures of the Brown/Mahogany WIP…I finished it up, except getting the findings on and taking the final pictures!! That means that I should be able to finish the final pics and all later and get this sumptuous necklace listed for you all tomorrow!! But for now, here is the final working picture I have to share with you all!! I really love these colors!! What do you all think?!?!

Brown/Mahogany Agate Final working pics!!

Now, since I was able to wrap up the Brown/Mahogany WIP, that means that I get to start a new WIP today!! What better time, then to start the sample for the New Art 5×7 Kit!! If you are a member of my K-Max Klub you might have already seen this awesome pattern as well as a preview to the Kit…I will have this kit up hopefully starting tomorrow for everyone to see and enjoy!! So far you can see some colorful stipes that have started…let’s see how much I can get done on the sample today…REMEMBER, that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos!

New WIP of Sample for July’s Art 5×7 Kit

Let’s move on to see something that I have already in my shop that I would like to share with you all!! I know I usually share with you all my beadwoven creations, but I have a lot of creations in my shop that are also strung creations!! Today I will be sharing one of those creations with you that I call Tiger Iron & Black Agate Gemstone Necklace Set. Tiger Iron is known for being one of those amazing stones that has so many colors in it that it is hard to even name them all!! The Tiger Iron beads that I used for this strung creation are square and I paired them with Black Agates and beautiful spacers. This lovely set is beautiful for all types of occasions but is certainly perfect for the fall!!

Would you like to know more about this set?…Just click on the Image to learn more!!

Now, let’s move on to the kits that I have available in my shop as of right now! As of right now, I have One type of kit available in my shop!! I have the new pattern for the Peyote Bracelet of the Month Kit which is up now until July 10th!! Keep an eye out…there will be another kit available soon!!

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY THAT THE Peyote Bracelet of the Month kit that features a wolf howling at the moon is available!! I had a little difficulty with the pattern at first, getting it to a place where I loved it and it could be easily seen, but now…I love how this pattern turned out…and as always…my daughter claimed the first sample I made of this bracelet. For those of you new to my kits, when you purchase one of my kits, you will be getting everything you need to complete this bracelet…which means, you will get the word chart, all the delica beads needed, the findings for the bracelet, and the needle. You will have to have some kind of beading mat, thread, and scissors at home 🙂 The colors in the kits are subject to availability and they are now available to order until July 10th!! The kits will be mailed out on/by the 18th of July…and remember this pattern is only available to this Kit…it is not available to purchase separately!!

Come and Grab yours now!! Just click on the image to get one today!!

That is all for today…but REMEMBER to share with us what YOU are working on and INSPIRE us all!! Today will be last day for the Wolf howling at the moon Peyote bracelet kit…and tomorrow I will have a new kit up for the 5×7 Art in a Bag Kits!! I hope you all have a fun & creative day and I shall leave you all with this thought:

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