Celebration of Women Gift Guide Spring/Summer 2017

Are you READY?  Here we goooooo….. this gift guide is A way to honor Women Handmade and Small Business Owners……..and the WOMEN who INSPIRE them!

Let me know ASAP if you want to run and ad or just tell someone how much they mean to you!!

I reserve the right to decline any ad and/or content.  Ads will be provided in JPG or other common format.  There will be NO MORE than 2 of each retail/commercial home-based business of the same type allowed to advertise.  Any ads not provided by 4/15/17 will simply loose their fee and spot, unless other arrangements are made.  Additional fees may apply if design work is need to help with ad (nothing will be done without approval).  All add fees will be due by 4/15/17 to the PayPal address of Krafty Max Originals (kraftymax@me.com).  Please email any questions or concerns to max@kraftymax.com.


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