Celtic Dragon Wall Art, Yarn Request, Raffle, #BeadALong and Discount for Review!

What did I do???  I forgot to post yesterday!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!  My son and I decided to go fishing….very early….and everything got mixed up!!  We are really loving the ‘fishing’ together….but I really think it is more about spending the time together!! 🙂  Have you ever done that?  Done something but discovered it was really about some other reason you liked it?  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fishing and so (it seems) does my son, but for us it is getting up early, just the two of us, and going off together!!

But, I did get back in time to be productive and to bead all day (that is why the early mornings are so good for fishing)!!  Here is where I started yesterday off with my Celtic Dragon (row 238) …

Celtic Dragon Wall Art wrk 238 9044

…. and here is where I start today off (row 273).  As you can see I have been working like crazy on this one!!  Everyone is showing such a great response to this design that it is motivating me to bead faster!!  You would think that with only 3 colors (2 at a time) it would be easier…and it is, to a point.  But there are still 10374 beads in this so far and there is still lots to be done…..so it IS a little faster, but it is still the process!! Please remember, you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.Celtic Dragon Wall Art wrk 273 10374

I have also been working on some of my stranded creations….starting next week I’ll be going back to having a NEW LISTING everyday (mon-frid)!!  I am very excited about that too!!  I also will be listing some more of the NO HUSBAND NEEDED KLASP HELPERS soon!!  I can’t believe how quickly these go and how much everyone loves them!!

Now i have a personal question for you…..do any of you have some of this yarn?  Or know where I can get some?  It is a discontinued Red Heart Buff Chamois Buffalo.  I am 1/2 way through a blanket and I thought I had more in a bag….there isn’t any more!!

And there is still time to grab your kit…. you can make this beautiful necklace set yourself…and then keep it or give it as a gift!!  It will be fun and easy!  I’ll provide ALL the supplies you need, videos to teach you how to create them and even the chain so that you can make it and ‘give it’ if you want!!  But hurry, I have to get them all shipped out next week!!

BeadALong 4

I still have ONE opening….are you interested in saving 55% on a Krafty Max Original creation?? Go to https://www.facebook.com/kraftymaxoriginals/photos/a.128216313736.101095.113166813736/10153775630463737/?type=3&theater

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #035 - 'Amazon_com_ Krafty Max Originals_ Handmade' - www_amazon_com_handmade_Krafty-Max-Originals

So, have you entered the RAFFLE yet?  So far several of the numbers are filled in…. let’s get this all the way filled so that I can draw a number and get a winner!!  Tickets are only $5…and you could win this Published Beadwoven Necklace Set (value $167)!! ****** And I have added a BONUS…purchase 3 or more tickets (if you don’t win) I’ll send you a pair of earrings!! ******

Raffle - Purple and Blue

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

There is beauty surrounding us in the simplest of things!

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