Countess Annona, Last Scar Photos and a New Orange Project!

Did you see that yesterday I finished my brown Agate Slice necklace?  I am very excited about it!!  This one is simple and elegant….perfect! What do YOU think?

Countess Annona brown agate slice necklace set

If you have been watching lately I have been so busy!! But, today it is 4 weeks since my surgery and I am happy to say that my recovery is going REALLY well!!  I have been cleared to drive and am up walking and exercising every day! Here is my last photos of my scars.  I am just so proud of all my hard work on of how far I have come!!! IMG_1543[1]

Now to show you some of the other things i am working on!!  This magazine is wonderful!  I am not only promoting it, but I am also a contributor and advertiser!!  Just click on the photo to go purchase your own copy!!


I also know that I have been talking a lot about my 3rd Annual Gift Guide, but I want it to be the best year yet!!  I am so excited!!  Many of the advertisers from last year are returning and I am getting new ones too!  This would be a fun and easy way to help spread the word about your company or creations, or to just say Happy Holidays to your families!!

Annual Gift Guide

Tomorrow I will be doing a review on a great backpack too!  But for today, I get to start a new creation!!  One of my followers mentioned ORANGE a little bit ago so I thought I would do something in orange!!  Here we go, a 3 drop beadwoven necklace….let’s see how this one goes!  You can come over to my Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

orange 3 drop working 1

But for today, please remember to inspire others and SMILE, life is good!

Smile Quotes

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