Fabluous Friday 7/4/14 (PURPLE, BIG WEEKEND SALE, and Potomac Bead Company)

First, let me say – HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! To everyone in the US!  For us this is one of those holidays that means a lot, but mostly it means family and pride in our country!
Now I would like to show off the last of my trip photos.  Remember yesterday when I talked about us walking around Fort Myers Historic District? Well, as we started out we ‘stumbled’ on the AMAZING Potomac Bead Company: Fort Myers, FL!
Not only was the lady VERY nice and helpful, but their bead selection was wonderful!! Just look… 
I was only able to buy a couple of things, but boy, it is probably good that I didn’t have more cash on me!!!!! Talk about a great end to a great trip!! 
But wait, I want to show you one more thing! This was a piece of artwork on the wall at our hotel!  It was so beautiful! They are pieces of wood!! YEP, wood! I think they look like turtle, but also people… I was totally fascinated with it! I even got up close and touched it… smooth! It was HUGE – about 1 story high!! 
So now, you have seen all the photos and fun I had… ok, let’s do it again…next week, right!?!? 😉 Ya, right!! 🙂  
Before I go any farther I want to tell you what I have done….
I started getting my list together for the ‘weekend sale’ and then thought about it and said…it is a holiday weekend, let’s do something BIG!! So, here it is! 30% off ANYTHING in my Krafty Max ArtFire Studio for the weekend!! YEP, just for the weekend, but 30% off!!
And then of course I am still offering 40% off ANY purchase from my La Juliet Studio.
So, have fun and ENJOY my sale…… HAPPY 4th of JULY!!
Do any of you like PURPLE??  If you do, this is NEW listing is for you!! 
Have you been watching my ‘waving flag’ bracelet come together? Come on over to my Fan Page or Google+ page, I post ‘working photos’ throughout the day!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

One flag, one land, one heart, one hand.
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