Fabulous Friday 10/19/12

It is FRIDAY, FALL is here, and LIFE is WONDERFUL!!!
I promised to show you the last of the photos from last weekend, and here they are!!!  This was a proud moment for me….. My hubby is getting ‘pinned’ by me.  For those of you not familiar with military terms, this basically means that I am ‘putting on his new rank’.  My husband is now a NCO (Non-commissioned officer).
**** My only regret is that I didn’t wear something nicer!!!  But I have to say, these pictures also make me realize how heavy I have really gotten…talk about a dose of reality!!! *****
Here is my new listing for today.  I just love all the colors in these Agates.  The flower endcaps look almost like they were made just for this set!!!  And the dragonflies….. ok, I like the way this set turned out!!!

Beautiful Bright Agate, Flowers and Dragonflies – Necklace Set

Just LOOK at this collection… talk about colors!!!!  
Today’s featured artist is JacquelineSwann.  This great artist says something in her blog that I think ALL of us can relate to; ‘I paint because I love the feeling that comes with the realization that I made something out of virtually nothing’.  The vibrancy of her art is just amazing!!!  Although she only started painting a few years ago it is easy to see why she is already very successful!!  Please check out her studio and other sites – and remember, support all handmade artists.
Abstract  Print: 12 x 12 Contemporary Blue Purple Magenta
Remember, if you love my creations, now is the time to buy a gift certificate….. you’ll get BONUS money no matter which certificate you purchase!!  What a great gift – to yourself or someone else!!
Today I want to leave you with this thought;
Watch your attitude.  It is the first thing people notice about you!!!
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