Fabulous Friday 10/5/12

Today I am off and BEADING like a crazy woman!  I have been so inspired by this new creation….. you’ll have to watch it grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page.  Many of you have already figured out that it is pumpkins, but what you don’t know yet is what it is for.  It is NOT to wear!!  Here is the last row I posted yesterday…… again, watch it on my Fan Page or Google+ page grow from start to finish!
Today, instead of listing a new item…. I’ll have one later today, I thought I would show off a DESTASH item I have listed.  There is well over $200 worth of supplies in this listing, I really just want it to go to someone who will use it.  I tried making a few things and it is VERY fun, but my love is still for the ‘little beads’.  So, this listing is set at $55.00 and a REALLY good deal for someone who wants to learn or just add to their supplies.

Art Clay Kit PLUS (Metal Clay) with MANY EXTRAS

My featured artist for today is: amyelyseneer.  I found this amazing pirate girl in her studio, and then…. I found the larkspur.  Growing up in Northern California the larkspur is considered a wildflower (even a weed to some).  But to me, out in the meadow, they were always my favorites!!! 
Then, I read her BIO.  This amazing – very – talented artist was born legally blind!  Fortunately for us she was able to restore her site through an operation, because I just can’t imagine what it would be like to miss out on this great artists talents!!  She is also from California and for me, looking through her studio is like walking back into my beloved hills!  Please check out ALL her creations and make sure you always try to support handmade artists!
Pirate Girl original pen and ink pin up buccaneer lass
Larkspur birth flower for July original Watercolor floral ACEO
I would like to leave you with this thought for today;

We have to be so many things to so many different people in our lives, but to our friends we can be ourselves.
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2 Responses

  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    I love watching your bracelets take on a life of their own! It’s always so fascinating ^.^

    I’ve dabbled with PMC in the past and it is really fun. I actually still have some of the supplies somewhere in the basement. That’s a very reasonable price for everything you’re offering!

    What an inspirational featured artist 🙂

    • Krafty Max

      THank you. I hope that they go to someone that will really use them!!!

      Thank you!!!