Fabulous Friday 1/13/12

Yes, for all of you that are superstitious, 
it is FRIDAY the 13th!!

For all of you that aren’t,

My daughter is once again on the honor roll.  I am so very proud her.  I try to do something special for her each time and often it is something either I have made or I have ordered from one of my great crafting friends.  This little skateboarder was custom made by Magnolia Surprise.  She and I have been friends via our crafts and the Internet for quite some time and when she put a photo of a little gal on her skateboard up I knew I had to have one for Aye.  My daughter has skates, TWO skateboards and also a Rip Stick… you can tell what she likes to do outside!!  When we (Aye and I) were trying to think of a wonderful name (we name everything) for this little gal we came up with: 
Priscilla Peace!  
Thank you so much for all your hard work and the ‘perfect’ gift for my briliant gal!!
I received news from Fire Mountain Gems a couple of days ago…. And here it is:
I am SOOOO excited!!!
Here are two more Kraftydora’s I’ve added to my studio.  What do you think??  I just LOVE these!! 
The shop that I am featuring today is DiscordThreads.  This very talented lady has been crafting for over 30 years.  Each of her creations are made from up-cycled items.  I think that the idea that each of these are not only created from something else, but also created to be functional and fun is just wonderful.  Please go check out her studio and any of her other links that are below.
Today I would like to leave you with comment:
 Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.
-Sir Thomas Browne
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7 Responses

  1. Sarah~Magnolia Surprise

    Wow! Aye looks sooo excited! I’m so glad that Priscilla Peace has made her that happy (great name, by the way)! Thank you so much for posting this!
    I remember your Celtic piece — congrats and wouldn’t it be great to be on a magazine cover! Woo hoo, I’m cheering for you!!

  2. Linda B

    Great picture of you daughter with Priscilla Peace.

    Congrats on your achievement with FMG.

  3. Melody

    That’s so cool that she’s so psyched 🙂

  4. win k charles


  5. Clipped Wings

    Congratulations! Wonderful photo of daughter.

  6. The Bakin_Goddesses

    Congratulations!!! You so deserve it! Good things happen to good people!! ~ The Bakin_Goddesses

  7. Discord Threads

    Thanks so much for the feature!