Fabulous Friday 12/2/11

 As many of you know, if you have been following me for a while, my son Monster has been on some new meds that make him VERY tired.  Over the last month we adjusted his time to take the medication several times so that he would be able to sleep through the night and not in the daytime.  He has been doing so much better!  For about the last week to week and a half he has gone to bed at 7pm, instead of 4pm.  But last night his little body just couldn’t take anymore.  I wish that I had gotten photos of the ‘before’ when he first fell asleep and was completely encased in the blanket.  But before I could get him moved, this is how he ended up….. kids can sleep anywhere, even without a pillow and blanket….. so close!

Interested in winning this book?
Alright, here we go – on my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, there is a game – use ONE WORD to describe your clothing/jewelry style.

Once I get 50 comments I’ll pick a winner for this book. Open to US and Canada ONLY. Sorry to all my international fans! You are welcome to share this post, it will help the comment reach 50 quickest!!

I am going to show off my MOST viewed creation from my studio today:
Chocolate Hearts Bracelet – $44.00
As I have been doing over the past few weeks I would like to show off some blogs I follow:

Hop for today!!
Today I would like everyone to remember that even when your ‘dryer’ is broken there is still life…well, I think!!  ~KM
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