Fabulous Friday 12/30/11

Yesterday’s Tantrum Thursday received a BUNCH of responses.  I am always amazed at how personal issues really hit home with my followers.  There were SO many people who agreed with me and said that technology in almost any form is OK for their kids, but that it is the parents responsibility to monitor that technology. 
As this YEAR comes to a close I am just so shocked at all the things that have happened to my family, my business and even to me personally.  It has truly been a year of changes!
But, before we go into the New Year I want to show off more of our Christmas.  These are photos from Christmas eve at my Mom-in-laws/Brother-in-laws house.  Between our family and theirs there are SIX – yes, I said SIX – children. One of the best presents received was my mom-n-law.  Both families went in on an iPod Nano for her.  Yes, if you watch the slideshow it is the little tiny item inside the BIG box!!  It was so fun – and something she really wanted!
*** If you don’t see any photos, please view slideshow in the actual post – sometimes it doesn’t work in a reader***
Check out this amazing collection that my best friend, AmbersArtAlley created with her newest painting and one of my beadwoven necklaces.  Please go leave a comment and some ‘stars’ for it!!
I just thought I would show off this bracelet…. it would be fun to wear for New Years – or the 4th – each year!!

Remember to think over the past year and remember that in just a few days you can ‘start over’!! ~KM
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  1. Mrs. No-No

    cool pics – I love the graphics!! happy new year!
    Carla aka Mrs. No-No