Fabulous Friday 12/7/12

Here is my last set of photos from our trip!  The first photo I would like to show off is something that simply ‘made the trip’.  After being personal friends for many years via the web, I was able to meet this wonderful lady for the first time – in person!  We were able to spend a couple of days crafting, talking and basically just ‘being’ together throughout my trip.  Who is this wonderful lady??  Ms. Gail Pither from CrossStitchCards.  I sooooo enjoyed our visits and look forward to seeing her again soon!  (I’m on the left)
Then there was our trip to Wienerschnitzel‘s.  We don’t have them in Florida, so for the kids and I it was a great treat!  And since you are there you just HAVE to have an ice cream….
(my mom is on the right)
And there was also a visit from our FAMOUS friend – Author Charity Maness.  I was able to get a SIGNED copy of her newest book to add to my collection….It’s Lonely Here in Hell….this one is a very emotional book!! (that’s my mom on the right)
And now I will close with this perfect photo – this is Monster with his grandfather after a day of playing and being grandpa’s ‘shadow’.  Talk about a great day!
Some of you have already seen my newest listing, but I thought I’d show it off again!  This is another version of the creation I showed off yesterday.  This one has a little bit bigger crystals, but it is only 2 rows instead of 3 rows.  These have such a ‘slinky’ feel to them!!

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Swarovski Crystals + Seed Beads Woven Together – Pure Delight Bracelet

And for those who want to see what I’m working on right now… here are the colors I started with…
and here is row 29!!
You can watch it grow and try to guess what it will be, by checking out my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day.
My featured artist today is; JohnHarmonGallery.  This amazing photographer captures the world around him in such ‘living’ detail.  The area he has his studio in is an area I know well.  I spent the summers ‘just down the road’ from where his studio is, it is both beautiful and wild.  I am very amazed at the details he captures in his animal photos as well.  You really must go check out his on-line studio and see what I am talking about.  Remember, always support handmade artists whenever you can.
I’ll leave you with this thought for today;
Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. 
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4 Responses

  1. Gail Pither

    Fabulous to meet you and to simply spend time getting to know you better! You have an awesome family! I hope we can see each other again at some point in the future!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you again for your friendship and the time we got to spend together!!

  2. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    How nice a trip you guys must have had! It’s probably nice going home and visiting family, friends and old haunts 🙂

    Those ice creams look to die for! I have a weakness for good ice cream (even though I shouldn’t eat it LOL).

    • Krafty Max

      NONE of us SHOULD eat it, but we just couldn’t resist!! It was the perfectly messy end to a great day!!