Fabulous Friday 2/3/12

What a Fabulous Friday this is!  I have been working on some new creations this week – nothing is finished yet – and busy with life.  So, unfortunately I do not have a new creation for you to look at.  I’ll show off something I finished a little while ago, just because I love it!
I know that some of us will be having storms and snow this weekend, but for us here in Florida it will be sunny and warm.  It is really hard to think about winter when the weather is already set for spring.  I have been in the cleaning and ‘organizing’ mode over the past week or so because of the ‘spring cleaning’ bug that bit me.  What does this mean?  Well, I have found a LOT of new things to list in my DESTASH studio.  I hope to start next week.  I also have LOTS more books/magazines that need listing… anyone want to help?  I can pay you in craft supplies!! 🙂  So, for any of you that watch my DESTASH studio…. watch out!!
I know that I have bragged on my best friend before, but I just have to show off her 2 most recent paintings…. this is just her NATURAL talent… AMAZING!!
Here is the hop I am doing today, join me?
As my closing thought I would like to leave you with this wonderful quote;
Your closest relationships seem to matter most for your health.
-Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser
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