Fabulous Friday

This is a
I get to announce the winners of my game, I get to tell you about something wonderful I am going to start and, as if that wasn’t enough, I am going to brag about a couple of my friends.  
☻  ☻  ☻  ☻  ☻  ☻  ☻  ☻  ☻  ☻ 
First, the winners of my FUN GAME results!
1st place goes to – MV – $30.00 Gift Certificate
2nd place goes to – Aprons by MeMe – $20.00 Certificate
3rd place goes to Pam Shelmidine – $10.00 Certificate
and – By Your Side – $10.00 Certificate
Honorable Mentions go to – 
Karren Haller – $5.00 Certificate
Mystic Prism – $5.00 Certificate
Zarina Black – $5.00 Certificate

Congrats to you all.  And THANK YOU!!!

✒  ✉  ✍  ✒  ✉  ✍  ✒  ✉   

Next I am going to tell you something I am going to start.  It is something I have been thinking about for a while.  I would love it if you would have some right along with me, so let me know if you would like to participate.  I will be writing ONE letter each week.  It will be HAND written and it will go to a different person each week.  The only requirements are that the letter is HAND WRITTEN and it is at least one FULL page of writing.  I will be doing this for the next 10 weeks.  The letters can go to anyone you like and they can be about anything! 

❈  ❈  ❈  ❈  ❈  ❈  ❈ 

Now, on to the BRAGGING part.  There are 3 main people in my life right now that I would like to talk about.

❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀  ❀ 

The first one is MV.  She and I have become friends over the past year and I have to tell you that she has such an uplifting attitude.  She is helping me to become a BETTER person and to discover my HAPPIER side!!

❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤  ❤ 

Then there is PandulaartsCreations.  She and I have been friends for longer than anyone else.  We have known each other more than 15 years!  I have watched her daughter grow up and she has watched me get married, have kids and turn my passion into a business!

✮  ✮  ✮  ✮  ✮  ✮  ✮  ✮ 
And finally, ApronsbyMeMe.  She and I have known each other for only about 4 years, but our relationship is very close.  She is my cheerleader, my voice of reason and wisdom.  She tells me ‘like it is’ and for that I am so much more than just grateful!!!

☀  ☀  ☀  ☀  ☀  ☀  ☀  ☀  ☀ 

So as I go about my LIFE today I simply want to say

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7 Responses

  1. Katerina Koukiotis

    congrats to ALL the winners beautiful work from everyone!

  2. mv

    Aww, you’ve made my heart sing with happiness this morning. And it’s not because I won {ok… I WON! I WON! I WON! Booyah at Kris 😉 😉 Just kidding LOL}, but because you are always such a sweet sweet friend, always kind to others, and always helping others.

    You are always doling out happiness to others, so it’s only fair you get your share of happiness too! 🙂 So together with all your friends, we are sending you Happiness Sprinkles this morning.

    ´*•.¸¸(*• .¸ƸӜƷ ¸.•*´)¸¸.•*`
    ´*•.Happiness Sprinkles.•*`
    .¸.•*’ (¸.•*´ƸӜƷ `*•.¸)`*•.¸

    There. 🙂

    Thank you so much for the wonderful mention. What a wonderful feeling it is to be in the company of such amazing peeps! You’ve made my day!

    ::hugs all around:: ::mwah:: 🙂

  3. Aprons by MeMe

    You have set the tone of my day to Awesome!! Thank you SEW much for the wonderful words! You are more than a friend and always THERE for me also!!

    Tell Mv I “Let” her win!!!

  4. Pandula Arts Creations

    Wow Max! I didn’t even see this until 10:00 p.m…FB is still screwy…

    I feel like I should be the one Thanking you. Without you I would never have even known I COULD be an artist.

    Your encouragement and love have sheltered me in many a storm. I am a better person for having you and your family, even the monsters lol, in my life. I love you all and will talk to you soon.

  5. Krafty Max Originals

    Thank you all. You have left me speechless…..


  6. Michele of By Your Side

    THANK YOU!! Kate is SO excited about the Sunrise of Love Bracelet!! <3

  7. Krafty Max Originals

    No problem!!! Love to help a friend! ~KM