Fabulous Friday

Well, today is the END of the week – oh my!  With Halloween only a few days away for us it is time to have LIFE get crazy again!  It seems that no matter how much I prepare for ANYTHING it is ALWAYS get crazy at the last minute!  So, today I will go to Joann’s to find Aye some ribbon and to the shoe store to find her some boots…maybe!  I can’t wait to show you all photos of them dressed up!  Last year it was so fun and they were so cute, this year Aye has grown and ‘matured’ so much that some days it is hard to recognized her!!! Monster….still a Monster!!!

I had this wonderful artist – John Melo (StickIT) – leave his #LINKLOVE on my page and I have to say, I FELL IN LOVE with his work.  I brought in both kids and hubby to look through his photos….wonderful!  I just love the way he shows the process, as much as, his work!!  I can actually see them coming alive!  Here is his Fan Page link – stickitcreations and his Web Page – stickitcreations and his shop page – stickitcreations.  I just can’t believe how great his work is…..please go visit him, heart his shop, #LINLOVE with his Fan Page and be AMAZED!!  

And now for all of you who are waiting…..my #LINKLOVE list for this week…it is long!!! YA HOOO! 
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enjoy your kids this weekend!  ~KM
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    Thanks for including me!

  2. nacyanne

    WOW, I agree John’s work is amaziningly spectacular, I am on my way to like him now!