Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday…boy you aren’t kidding!!!  Let’s see, I have TWO Collections to show off, a list of #LINKLOVE’rs and a little – something – else!!  Well, let’s get started, we have a lot to do!!!

First up is this lovely collection designed by EntwinedVines.  My simple fall bracelet is so very honored to be included in this beautiful collection.  If you look below this collection you will also see one of her wonderful bracelets…..just beautiful!!

Next is a beautiful collection created by juliesgoodscents.  And this one is all about PURPLE!!!  Again, I am very honored to have her include me in this collection.  Please make sure you check out her work and studio.  I have posted one of my favorite items from her studio right below this collection…..

OK, now we can get some #LINKLOVE’n in.  I can’t believe how wonderful it makes me feel to be included in just one of these collections…but two?!?!?!?!  Then I also would like to tell everyone that this week – with the help of some of my fans – I was able to push my #LINKLOVE followers to 2,800+!!  Can you even imagine???  I can’t!!  Before I start off listing the #LINKLOVE’rs I have found this week I want to put a special note out to the fans that helped me….I know there are more, but these are the only one’s that TOLD me they helped.

Thank you!!!

And here is all the #LINKLOVE’rs that I fan’d this week…..make sure and fan them too!!!

And here is the ‘little’ extra…..for any of you that know I am working really hard on loosing weight.  I figure that if I can LOOSE a little it of ‘other’ things it might help too.  For every purchase that is made from my KraftyMax studio until the end of the month I will include a free pair of Swarovski Crystal Earrings.  NO coupon or code needed….it will just be included in your package!  
ENJOY your wonderful weekend!! ~KM
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2 Responses

  1. Aprons by MeMe

    Congrats Maxi!!! Beautiful!! But then I knew that. (^_~)

  2. wcharles

    Wish u a fab day TGIF
    Making Art this weekend U?