Fabulous Friday

It is Fabulous Friday again.  Once again I would like to let you know about Kris from ApronsbyMeMe and my own challenge.  We are changing to a healthier lifestyle and life.  We have both joined Weight Watchers and have also started a blog called #LINKLOVE Diet Support Team.  This blog is for us as much as it is for you.  Please follow, join, comment or just read about 
our adventures if you can. 

Here is my list of #LINKLOVE’rs from this week….enjoy!!  

Well, that is it for this week.  Please make it a FABULOUS Friday and weekend…..~KM
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  1. wcharles


  2. Groovy Pumpkin

    Thanks for mentioning Groovy Makes – it’s coming along really well so far! Have a great weekend!!

    Jane xx

  3. Chatty Crone

    Hi – just wanted to say hello. Doris is a blog friend of mine and she suggested I come visit so here I am.

    She is so excited about your coming tomorrow. She is wonderful isn’t she?

    You have some lovely jewelry here.