Fabulous Friday

Today really is a Fabulous Friday.  Things this week have gone by so very fast that I have barely noticed them. I can’t believe it is Friday already!  I would like to thank all my fans for making this a wonderful week…here is my current count:

Twitter – 197
My blog – 135 
Etsy Shop – 816 shop hearts and 242 positive feedback

Boy, do I feel loved!!!!  I can’t believe how much I love to open up my sites and find more followers and fans! 

Today I want to feature someone who is TRULY fabulous.  She started me on Link Love and has helped me grow my business and followers.  Her support has been a wonderful blessing!  Please visit her shop, By Your Side 2009 or her blog, By Your Side, her twitters, ByYourSide2009 or her face book fan page, ByYourSide2009  and let her inspire you too!  Oh ya, she also has WONDERFUL, FABULOUS and TERRIFIC hand made bags!!!

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2 Responses

  1. Michele

    Well, you certainly made my Friday Fabulous!! Thank you so much!! Was having a rough week being sick, and this really BRIGHTENED my day, my week at just the right time!! 🙂
    I appreciate it so much, Thank you!


  2. PaperOnParade

    I love ByYourSide! AND she has such a wonderfully sweet, sharing attitude! Something those ole “big box” stores can’t offer! hehe!
    Thank you for a great feature…go Link Love go!!!