Fabulous Friday 6/1/12

It is FRIDAY!!  YA HOOOO! I am still a bit behind, but it really is June 1st!?!?!  Summer is upon us!!! Summer vacation is almost here!!  Oh my, this will be a great summer!!  We have SOOO many things going on this summer!
Today I really must show off more of my kids creations!! This one is from Aye. This is her Hammurabi’s Code of Laws.  It is supposed to look like she found it in out backyard and dug it up! I think this is an amazing creation!!  It is now hanging on our wall!
Then there is my new listing for today;

This Pink Cat has It ALL Necklace Set from Grandmothers Stash

Isn’t she just toooo cute for words??
Oh yes, and then there is this: 
Do you like this bracelet?  Would you like to win it?  Simply click on the photo and it will take you to the post with the give-a-way… have fun!! It is only open for 1 week!!!
And now for my final note for the day;
Love those around you – the ones that are right next to you in both body and heart – you will NEVER go wrong!

– Krafty Max
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4 Responses

  1. Aprons by MeMe

    Great Work Aye!! Very Impressive !!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you, I’ll tell her!!

  2. I kid you not, I actually thought that was a legit ruin from somewhere that you saw in a museum! What a fabulous little artist you’ve got on your hands-I really can’t wait to see what else she creates 🙂

    I also can’t believe Summer is almost here and it’s June 1st! It’s just going by too fast O.o

    • Krafty Max

      She did good!

      This summer will be so busy for us, but it will be fun too! I hope your summer is wonderful!