Fabulous Friday 8/24/12

Oh my goodness, what a day yesterday!  I WAS able to finish my LOVE bracelet, but I wasn’t able to get photos done, so I listed anther creation (I’ll show you father down).  I did get a chance to create some more designs, and I have been thinking about starting to sell them.  This has LONG been a thought of mine, but I am very UN-sure.  I pride myself on designing my own original charts, beading my own creations and then showing off my ONE-OF-A-KIND creations.  That means there are NO others like it.  I think that for me if I sell the chart I will have to make some ‘small’ changes so that I can still keep my ONE-OF-A-KIND status, but also be able to share my designs.  This was it is a WIN WIN for everyone!! 
Have you ever had to make a business desion like this?  Is this something that you did lightly?  Did you have someone to talk it over with?? 
Here is my new listing for today.  I will try to also get my LOVE Bracelet listed later today, but I just couldn’t go without something new today!!

Swarovski Crystal Multi Color Spring Wire Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal Multi Color Spring Wire Bracelet
Just look at this amazing collection that my dear friend Ms Lori’s creation is in.  And yes, that is my AYE as her model!!!  
Here is my featured artist for today – KneadedThings.  This great artist sees ‘the possibilities every where’ she goes.  You can see her love and passion in each of her creations!  I just love this little Dragon, somehow it reminds me of my Monster… beautiful, but just a little different!!  After a lifetime of crafting, I think that she has found one that is a perfect fit!!  Remember to support your handmade artist!!
And now, to leave you with a closing thought;

” What you don’t overcome will overcome you.”
(be strong)
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2 Responses

  1. Bonnie

    Thank you for selecting me as the featured artist. What a wonderful suprise!

    • Krafty Max

      you are most welcome!! I hope it helped a ‘little bit’!! ENJOY!