Fabulous Friday 8/31/12

Hello everyone, I hope your day is wonderful!!  I know that between the 3 day weekend and the ‘clear’ schedule I will be having a wonderful time today!!! I plan on spending the day beading – oh, what a shock!!!
Did you see my finished listing of the CupCake bracelet??  Here it is;

CUPCAKES Anyone? Beadwoven Bracelet

What do you think???
Here is what is on the tray right now…

Any guesses???  Come follow along and see what it becomes… on  my Fan Page or Google+ page.

 Here are the designs that I have patterns listed for so far… I am trying to list more each day…
Party from Day to Night Beadwoven Bracelet PATTERN ONLY
Seasons of Change Beadwoven Bracelet PATTERN ONLY
I haven’t done a hop in so long I have to remember how to do one!!!  Come join me, please, it will be fun to go through these great blogs and other social media sites and catch up with everyone or find new friends!!!
For today, I will leave you with this thought;
Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.
–  by Edward De Bono
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2 Responses

  1. pmh

    I want you to know how gorgeous your cupcake bracelet is! I am the cupcake lady of my great nephew’s ball teams and the community. I so appreciate your talent. I def am not a beader. this is beautiful.

    penny hyde

  2. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    Man, you sure are hauling on those patterns! I know someone who would absolutely ADORE that new cupcake bracelet listing you got 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed your day of beading!!