Fabulous Friday

 Oh my, it is finally Friday, isn’t it?!?!  This was a short week for us – Monday being Labor Day – but somehow it made it actually LONGER!  I am not sure how that worked, but it did! 
I have about 4 things working on my bead tray and I can’t wait to show off a couple of them, but they are still in the works!  I did get this one finished and photographed – and listed in my ArtFire Studio.  What do you think?
Please go visit RustyReindeer,  and see all the beautiful creations she offers.  She creates like I do, by visualizing the creation in her head before she even starts.  I have to pass along her philosophies – these can be applied for life or for creating art!

My philosophies:
1) Gifts should be given from the heart and they should mean something; they should be special, artful, purposeful. Don’t waste your money and give one unless it’s the right one.
2) I want my customers to be pleased, and I want them to know I’m there for them when they need something special, something fast, something unique.
3) Produce quality work.
4) Be honest and do business with integrity.
5) Always improve!

 Don’t forget to let her know where you found out about her and PLEASE go see her studio and other links…..it will be sooooo worth your time!
Hops for today and the weekend!
As we approach September 11th I can’t help to think about all the people who have suffered because of it.  Please take a moment  to stop and think of your loved ones and be THANKFUL!  ~KM
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