Fabulous Friday 9/10/11

It IS Friday and I am packed and ready to go!!  I have enjoyed this camp so very much!!!  I can not even begin to thank the staff and interns that have run this camp for all they have done!!  I am so very VERY impressed.  Not just with their program, but with the way they have really ‘let the teens’ go and discover their own classes, activities and outings.  With just some supervision and leadership this week was run – by the kids!!!
I am also so very thankful for the relaxing time I had.  I was able to rest – some – bead – some – and even read – some – in between all these wonderful moments!!  Who could ask for more!!!!  I will truly miss some of these kids and adults……our bond were new, but strong!!
I did list something new for today….it will be the last TEAL set I do for a while, I am not sure what/why the Teal color has gotten under my skin, but I think it is done now!  

Blue Colored Turquise and Copper Necklace Set

Now, for those of you who have been waiting patiently to see what I made with this Amazing Bead Soup from  Fire Phoenix Jewellery, make sure you watch tomorrow…. it is our BIG REVEAL day for the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party, so come back and see what I made with this……
Oh my goodness, just look I am featuring today – TomBanwell .  This amazing artist does things with leather that few can.  I just love his masks, but there is a WHOLE BUNCH more items – and something for everyone – in his studio.  Please visit ALL his links to get a real picture of what he does!  Remember to always, support handmade artists!!!
Swirly leather mask in violet
Today I will leave you with this quote – and for me….. I plan on doing it!! 
” You have every reason to smile. Now, light up the world with it.”
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  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    I’m glad that you had such a fabulous time at camp enjoying yourself and teaching young minds! Now I kind of want to go to camp, too ^.^

    I can’t wait to see what you did with your soup!!!