Fall Creations Clean Out (50% off), Geo Art Creations (finished), Pink and Grey Necklace (working) and Annual Gift Guide!

What a weekend I had!!  It was beautiful weather for a show!!  Although I didn’t do very good at the show, it really opened my eyes to how many creations I have!! I then looked at my studio and realized that there are over 770 listings!!  REALLY??  OK, it is time to clean out some of this.  I just can’t have this many!!  I have FIVE – yes FIVE – bags of jewelry in trays!!  Each bag…12 trays of jewelry!!  So, I have decided to do a big blow out!   I hope to built some money up and buy some new beads for a larger project I have in the works!!  This means a sale…and this one is a BIG ONE!!  It is simple, put $50 (or more) in your cart and add coupon JCCO2017 and you’ll save 50% off!!  YEP, that is all you have to do! I will run this sale until the end of the month, but remember that everything is also OOAK (one of a kind) so if you really want something you need to grab it up before someone else does!!

I finished the GEO creation on Friday, but I haven’t shown it off yet, so here it is!!

And since I finished that project it is time to start something new!  Are YOU ready?  How about Pink and GREY!! Remember that you can check out my Facebook Fan Page, Google+ Page, or my Instagram Page throughout the day to watch updates and working photos.

I have started taking ads for my Annual Gift Guide!!  I am so excited about this year, I have some new graphics to use this year!! I hope that you purchase an ad if you want to sell something or just to say HELLO/I LOVE YOU to someone!! It will be on YouTube again this year, so it will be accessible by just about everyone!!  Just let me know and I’ll invoice you or you can send your payment to my PayPal – kraftymax@me.com

I think that is all for today…I’ll have more tomorrow!  But let me leave you with this thought;

Everyone smiles in the same language!!

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