Fascinating Friday 2/1/13

ALRIGHT, here it is, FASCINATING FRIDAY!!  And boy, do I have a lot to talk about today!!
As many of you know I have been talking a lot about Lisa Wingate….well, here goes some more!!  I have been reading her most recent book, Firefly Island – it is about to be released – and I have to say……

Once again I have been pulled into Moses Lake, Texas.  One of the MANY things that I just love about Mallory is that she has so many doubts – mostly about herself , but doubts about everything.  There seems to be no end to the way that she feels everything in life around her and her new found home.  When I think back to when I started out my adult life I was so unsure and unsettled, however, like Mallory I found a way.

One of the things that has always impressed me most with Lisa Wingate’s writing is not only her ability to make you feel like you are right in the moment, but also the way that she ‘gets you to the message’.  I make it a policy to never discuss religion (or politics) with anyone, but I have to say that all of Lisa’s books are inspirational.  They all have messages and meaning that will help you find yourself a better person when you are done. 

You can read the first 3 Chapter’s of Firefly Island for yourself, by clicking HERE.
AND, if you want to WIN a copy of Firefly Island for yourself, you can CLICK HERE to go enter the give-a-way!!!
And here is the newest update on my current project!!  This one will be fun watch grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page, row by row! (this is row 98)
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Today I would like to leave you with this;
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