Fascinating Friday 3/15/2013

Oh my goodness, today is Fascinating indeed!!!  Oh my goodness.. I have some news for everyone!!!  DO you remember this bracelet??
Well, the review is up and ready!!! Yep, and there is also a give-a-way to go with it!!!!  I am so excited!!!  Boy, the GOOD news just keeps coming!!!  You can go to their site – Sweet n Sour Deals and read all about it, and enter to win this necklace….
so, it would be worth your time to go over and look, right????  I am so very excited!!!  They even did their FIRST EVER video review!  Of my bracelet!!!  COOL, HU??? Here is the video… I just couldn’t resist showing you!! 
Here is the current photo from my Blue (and white) project I am working on.  Remember, you can watch it ‘grow’ on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day.
I know that you have all seen it, but I just can’t help but to keep showing it off!!!  I am just so proud of this creations and the page where it was ‘published’ on.  Yep, I am a PUBLISHED ARTIST!!  I just can’t get over that… I know, bragging isn’t a good trait, but……. here is the WHOLE page it comes from……
and don’t forget, you can also get an Autographed copy (and a pair of Swarovski Crystal earrings) if you have the top bid….
I have to say that giving these books away makes me so very happy!!  I love to see the new/developing beaders receive them and then be inspired by them!  You can click here to go enter to win this new book!!
For today, I would like to leave you with this thought;

If you want to do something and you feel in your bones that it’s the right thing to do, do it.  Intuition is often as important as the facts!

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2 Responses

  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    I need to listen to my intuition more when it comes to my life, so that quote is definitely appropriate for me today!

    I’m glad to see you finished that lovely bracelet and the owner was happy with it, but really who couldn’t be happy with your gorgeous jewelry!?

  2. Krafty Max

    Thank you, so very much!! I always take your comments to heart!! 🙂 ~KM