Fascinating Friday 5/10/13

Good Morning to all!! I am sorry I missed my posting yesterday… actually it just ‘slipped my mind’!!  I have been so excited and busy lately that somehow I just missed it!  Some of the new creations I have been working on have been not only keeping my fingers busy, but my mind too!!  For any of you have haven’t seen the new line of creations, please go visit my studio.  I have to say that they have not only inspired me with the creation themselves, but the meaning and reason behind them has also inspired me!!
Yesterday I finished (well, late last night) up my snake necklace, so you know what that means!!  I get to start a new project!!  UUUMMMM…. 
Here is the last photo of the Snakes…. I’ll do a mini photo shoot this morning and get this one listed later today – hopefully!!  Thank you – again – to MayBeads for these wonderful handmade snakes!!
And here are the new colors and stone that I will be working on today.  I think this one will be another bracelet, but if you would like to watch my current project grow. check out my Fan Page or Google+ page.  
I have been a MOM for 22 years now, so I thought I would make sure that all MOM’s would be taken care of, so I am running a 22% off any purchase in my studio of $25 or more.  Wouldn’t it be fun to get yourself something or your mom??? Please come see…..there is so much to choose from!!
Today’s featured artist is: VintageGaleria.  This amazing artist is inspired not only from her Mexican history but also from her mother, grandmother and many generations of handmade artists.  From looking through her studio I can see that she pays a lot of attention to details and that she has a true love of her art!  There was so much to see – in so many different styles – it was hard to choose just one item to feature!!  Please go check out her studio and see for yourself – and remember, always support handmade artists when you can!!
Tattoo Art and Polka Dots Skulls and Roses Apron
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;
Life is a dance.  Don’t sit it out.
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