Fascinating Friday 5/17/13

Just look at today!!  I am having a Treasure Hunt, getting to bead, making a new creations for an order AND spending time with my family!!  What a amazing day it will be!!  I have to say, I am very excited about today.  I feel like it is a new start for me!!  Do you ever have those kinda days???  When you just feel like you have the whole world in front of you??? Well, today is one of those days for me!!!  I am full of life and full of insperation!!  I hope that I can inspire you too!!!?!?!?!
Interested in a great deal?  Interested in a Treasure Hunt??  Well, click above and you’ll find out all about it!!
I just love the look of this stone, look carefully, there are ‘flowers’ in the stone!! If you would like, you can watch my current project grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page.
Want to win this???? I have this one and it is a GREAT cookbook!!! But run over an enter….. you can’t win if you don’t enter!!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought: 

Remember that it’s better to be cheated in price than in quality.
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