Fascinating Friday 7/12/13

What a week, hu!?!?!  I have to say that this has been one of the bussiest weeks in a long time!!   I was so very proud of my announcment of the being part of the Prima Beads Blog Team Members.  And to show off all the wonderful creations that I get to make is just a bonus!!  I am having so much fun with all of it, I hope you are too!  
Now it is time to show off the next creation and remember, all the finished pieces will go into an auction to benifit the American Red Cross!!
Here is what I started with:
and then added some thing from my personal stash….
Then I lay out the pattern – for two reasons, partly to make sure I like the design and partly because I want to make sure I have enough beads / findings to make the design work.  Here is how I layed it out….
And here, is the final creation – with the earrings!!
So, what do you think??  Although I took things from my personal stash, almost everything can be found (or something every simular) on the Prima Beads Site  or in most retail craft stores near you!
Also, I wanted to show you this kit.  This is a PERFECT fit for a beginier or advanced beader.  Just look at all you get – and it is on sale…..that price is AMAZING!!!
Beader's Delight
Today’s newest creation is another one from my Grandmother’s Stash.  The angel was originally a lapel pin, but when I found it in the box the ‘pin’ was bent and was unable to be fixed.  So, I removed the ‘pin backing’ and then cleaned and sanded the entire angel before added all the wonderful Red Magnesite and Pearls  to make this wonderful necklace set.  Do you like the way it turned out??
Did you see this??  Yesterday I finished ONE end of the this great creation!!  So far everyone seems to really like it… what about you??    Remember, you can watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day!!
Only a few days left…. it is VERY simple to enter to win this Prima Beads Class in a Box Give-A-Way.  Simply click on the photo and you’ll go to the post where you can enter… there are daily entries too!!
This week I have been telling you about my kids and family, today will be no different!!  My daughter Aye is now 13 and all TEENAGER!!  This age is so hard for many kids – the are not adults and not kids!!  For my daughter life revolves around her books, friends and music.  I have to say that as I watch her grow I am always amazed at how much she carries of me – and how much she doesn’t.  From a VERY early age she has been one of the most independant kids I have ever known.  
I am watching her become a confident, smart and beautiful woman right before my eyes!! 
But through it all she has always been my ‘little girl’!!  Abou 8 years ago she discovered PEACE SIGNS and fell in love with them and the color purple!! Unlike other ‘passing crazes’ these two have become WHO she is!!  Not only does she like the peace sign, she also trys to live with the thought of peace and love in her heart!!  
When another beader showed me a bracelet that was very bohemian and earthy looking I just HAD to get one for my Aye.  I ordered it and when it came there were ‘screems’ throughout the house!!  She hasn’t taken it off since she ‘ripped’ it out of the package!!  
And now, she wants MORE – of course!!  If you want one like this here is the link (https://www.facebook.com/lillybeadsdesigns/posts/160153917502767) about the current sale from Llilly Beads Designs who is currently having a sale (yes, I’ve been TOLD by Aye that I need to buy her more)!! 
Today I want to leave you with this thought;

Love your children unconditionally!
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  1. Yana Olson

    Your project beautiful… such a grat creation…!! i like it …!!

    custom pins

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you very much! ~KM