Fascinating Friday 9/13/12 (Friday the 13th)

I am not usually on for believing in superstition, but I have to say that this morning…if it can go wrong, it has!!!  I am not sure what I did when I woke up, but I must have upset the ‘beading gods’ somehow!!   I have dropped things, locked up my computer (TWICE), both kids have gotten up in bad moods (one 2 hours early) and I even ‘spilled the milk’ when I got my breakfast!! SO, I hope that everyone else is having a great day!!!!
And here, it is!!  I have looked and looked and I am sure that this really is a piece of LAVA!  I have to say that between the Lava and the Crystals…this one is very unique!!  What do you think??
And if you want to see the ‘making of’ video, here it is!!
And for any of you that missed it yesterday, I have listed (now about 30) Jewelry Making NEW books in my DESTASH studio!! There are also some ‘other craft’ books in there too, along with beads, mixed media findings, and even cross stitch kits…. something for everyone!!  Here is just a couple of the books I listed yesterday!
With the finish of a project means that I get to start a new one!!  I have already picked the colors and am on my way!! Any guesses??  Please come on over and watch the creation grow on my Fan Page or Google+ page throughout the day !!
Oh my goodness, all I can say is that I LOVE this book!!  IF you haven’t entered (or already bought this book) you are missing out!!  Please go enter and remember that there is a ‘daily’ entry, so keep coming back to enter!!
Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure.
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6 Responses

  1. Handmade Beading

    I have had the same kinda day.. It has not gotten any better either! grumble!

  2. Krafty Max

    MIne got better…but I just hope your ‘tomorrow’ is better! 🙂 ~KM

  3. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    The funny thing about Friday the 13th is they’re ALWAYS pretty darn good days for me! Like more-so then usual, which is why I always look forward to them 🙂

    Hopefully tomorrow goes better for you and the ‘beading gods’ will favor you yet again. I mean, how can they not?!

    That new piece is beyond stunning. That focal IS quite a unique piece for sure 🙂

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you!! Usuually mine are good days too, but I think it was just time to have ‘one of those days’!! And yes, today is much better!! ~KM

  4. I hope you had a great Friday the 13th, nothing crazy happened here yesterday. 🙂

    • Krafty Max

      It turned out OK… but the weekend has been GREAT!!! ~KM