What an amazing artist I have to introduce you to today (week of 7/14/15)!  Ms. Chandler Williams, the owner/designer of Chandler’s Dezigns!  This wonderful jewelry artist focuses mostly on Wire Wrapping – and it is easy to see why!  I just love the flow and delicate work she does with wire – around beads!

Like many of us she has a very talented mother who immersed her in Art, Art History and lots of Culture.  Her mother, an artist (and art teacher) in her own right started teaching Ms. Williams from an early age.  Now she works mostly with her own hands – molding and fitting the wire to the design with only pliers and wire cutters – no power tools here!! Starting with a design that she has come up with in her imagination she lets it flow through her heart and out through her hands into the design!!

Although she has always had a love for art and the artistic side of life it was her 21st birthday that really got it all started.  Looking back (eleven years ago) to a class that was her gift from her mother and a wonderful teacher she fell in love with wire!  Watching videos, taking more classes and keeping her skills up to date she has stretched her own experience and creations!!  Within a few years of this first class she had her own business up and running (in 2006)!!

Once she ‘caught the bug’ she took off with her ideas and designs.  Starting with basic wire earrings and strand necklaces she grew in skill and design to the amazing wire wrapped art she now sells.  She states;  I’ve discovered some of my biggest mistakes have led to my biggest successes. Starting out with a design that she has (literately sometimes) dreamed up and then watching it take a life of its own is a feeling of discovery, success but most of all, pride in creating something new,  she states!!

Creating UNIQUE designs is something she takes pride in doing.  Using basic tools, her own style and designs helps her stand out from all the other ‘cookie cutter’ wire wrap designers out there.  She says that swimming upstream is how one gets noticed, and all I can say is that I NOTICED HER!!

Selling in several boutiques, shops and galleries throughout Nashville and the Southeastern US helps her work not only get noticed, but also builds her brand and following.  She also has a permanent display in the art gallery at the Gordon Jewish Community Center in Nashville.  She sells online via Chandlers Designs Etsy Studio  and has shipped to several countries overseas.  Hosting home parties and doing art / craft shows around Tennessee also builds her following and fans.

Just look at all these beautiful design, but check out her links below to see/follow her – it will be so worth it to watch this artist grow and develop!!

And this is one of MY Favorites!
Follow me on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ChandlersDezign

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What fun today!  I get to introduce you to a wonderful artist this week (6/9/15) that I have been following for a while!!  Ms. Melanie Ann Green is the Owner/Designer for Felt Me Up Designs! And let me just tell you, I just love her little felted and printed creations!!

Her mother has been a big influence on her throughout her life.  Her mom, having run her own craft business for 25 years she then made the ‘leap’ to fine arts.  But, when needle felting started to draw her attention she started researching on her own.  Through books and blogs she learned to create this little creatures on her own!!

Starting in 2008 she opened Felt Me Up Designs.  Starting out with wet felting making bags and purses she started making all types of different little creations, but then, these little birds caught her attention and the rest…. ‘is history’ as they say!

She sells mostly on-line, but she also sells through boutiques an galleries in the Cambridge and Edinburgh area.  She has also been featured in a number of publications (you can view them her – Felt Me Up Designs.com.    Right now she is running a Kickstarter to help get these little ‘chicks’ out there in the world more….I for one want to see more of them….I supported her!! Each one, if you look closely has its own expression and personalities!  I WILL be an owner of one soon!!

So, remember to visit her pages, her Kickstarter page and just look over her CUTIES!!

IMG_12062 IMG_12554 IMG_14513 IMG_21885

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Today (5/26/15) I have the pleasure to introduce you to JJ and Empud, they are the artists behind Ye Artisans Lair.  And boy do I have a treat for you today!!  There is just so much to see in this ‘Lair’ that I will try to get a sample of everything for you!!  The first thing that I fell in love with is their Leather work!!  I have to say that I love knotwork – as many of you know – and these are so so well created that it is hard to even choose a favorite!! Just look at these!!



As many of us, JJ stared learing basic leather work as a youth in Boy Scouts (he earned his Eagle Scout in 1975) and then taught himself to perfect his work throughout the years.  Once everything was ‘perfected’ he then taught Empud how to hand-craft right along side him.  One thing that sets them aside from many other leather artists is the fact that everything is hand carved and tooled.  They do not use molds or presses for any of their creations.  Talk about a labor of love!!  Also, he is only the second person in the world to do all 6 of daVinci’s designs on any medium.  And now, along with those designs he has over 100 of his own – and accepts custom orders!!!

Currently they are selling mostly at Renaissance and Medieval Fairs throughout the US, but they have plans to grow a web based shop soon!!Norman_2015-3

What wonderful and talented artists!!  I just love leather and wish that I had more patience for it.  I hope that you check out this amazing site, follow on their page and watch what comes next….no matter what it is, it will be beautiful!!




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What a fun featured artist I get to introduce this week (5/19/15)!  Ms. Ophelia (no, that isn’t her real name, but one she has gone by for so many years this should be)! And she is the amazing artist behind Ophelia Arts! She is an artist who hasn’t yet branched out into the selling world, but her art is so amazing that I just had to show it off.  She will be one of those that you can say – later on down the road – I knew her when she started out! 

Her art – like many of us – comes from her moods and what is going on around her in life.  She does a lot of fantasy creations, but also portraits and some digital art.  Working with just about anything that she can; pencil, coloured pencils, copic makers, ink and others, makes each of her creations unique and full of life!!

Working in mostly dark, gothic type artwork leads her to creations with dragons and other mysterious creatures!!  But, there are also mother nature inspired creations with her own ‘twist’ to them.  Being mostly self-taught she loves to watch other artists and what inspires them and also mother nature itself for the ‘mechanics’ of how the anatomy of creations and parts move.

Being able to express herself with her art has been very therapeutic for her.  It is a way for her to express all her feelings and a way to vent! Starting at about age 5, drawing has always been a big part of life for her!   A dinosaur obsession (when she was young) turned into Dragons and then into her own creatures and characters.  Being a perfectionist it is easy to see that she will go far in her art – her attention to detail is simply amazing!! Each creation is a part of her and although they are unique – they are BEAUTIFUL!

Go check out her FB Page or Twitter Page , it will be worth your time! And like I said, this will be one to watch for what the future brings!!






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Today I get to show off this weeks (5/4/15) featured artist!  It’s Ms. Sara from Sarzi Designs.  This amazingly talented artist makes little ‘creatures’ that talk to you with their eyes!! I just love the expressions in each one of her creations!

Interestingly her full time job is as a make-up artist, but that only makes her work better!! Her true love is dragons, but using polymer clay, and recently felting, she has branched out into other creatures too!

Learning mostly on her own, she has a talented mother who is a costume designer and oil painter in her own right, and she encouraged Ms. Sara to create and experiment in many different mediums growing up.  In her own words this is how her business started;  Sarzi Designs pretty much began by accident when I started playing around with a bit of clay just for fun, put up some photos and people started asking how to buy them. I never expected to sell my creations, or that anyone would want them, I just did it as a bit of creative stress relief, but 10 months later, I am shipping little creatures all over the world.

Taking custom orders and keeping up with her Etsy Shop keep her busy, but she is always creating something new.  When she started the design it is without a ‘creature’ in mind, she just lets the clay talk to her! And boy, does she do a great job!!  I just love them all!  Recently she has come up with some amazing steampunk creatures that will make you SMILE!!

Check out her studio, FB page and enjoy watching these creatures come alive!!

1534910_1590849964477712_3363674821317943849_o 10547836_1562312543998121_6116872383668204164_o 11018921_1613728775523164_8472166129815220316_o 11040640_1628349084061133_4938980952469520046_o 11051941_1635123046717070_8835303197752426955_o And of course, my FAVORITE!!!! It’s a Steampunk Dragonfly!! 🙂



Sarzi Designs

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Today I am proud to announce this weeks (4/29/15) featured artist; Andrea Wilhite, the owner and designer at Neotique Designs.  I had the luck of meeting this very talented lady at one of my craft shows.  I also am lucky enough to be the proud owner of several of her creations.

Having started with making teddy bears and handmade cards she found a basic instruction for a needle felted teddy bear head.  She took it one step farther and created a 4 inch bead (body and all) and she was ‘hooked’!!  And now, 11 years later she is still creating beautiful creations.  I watched her working at the show and the love she puts into each creation is simply amazing!!

She started by making animals with human characteristics and moved on to making ‘human like’ characters.  I have to tell you that one thing that drew me into the first creation I purchased was his expression!!  My Mischief sits over me on a shelf watching me and making sure that I am ‘smiling’ all day!!

She has sold in many different venues from on-line to craft shows, but she is just now really kicking things back off again after taking a personal break!!  I have to tell you that I feel so very lucky having met her, her talent and enthusiasm for life shines through in everything she does.  Here are some of her creations – including a couple of mine!

Here are my fairies and my Mischief!!

Fairy ladies


And here are some other creations of hers!!






Make sure you check out her site, it will be well worth it!!  Oh yes, and she does lots of custom orders to!!

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This weeks (4/21/15) featured artist is Ms. Beverly, the owner/designer at Beverly Symes Design.  This is another amazing artist that I have been able to meet in person!!  Her creations are not only beautiful, but full of that Bohemian Chic look. 

A self taught Metal Clay artist she has been creating these amazing looks since 2009.  When silver clay pricing skyrocketed she started creating with Bronze clay.  And, although the Bronze clay takes more time to clean, polish and seal it is simply beautiful to look at and wear!  Recently she has been also handmaking  Polymer Clay beads to add more dimension and uniqueness to her pendants.

Starting with a simple ‘lump’ of clay that is then worked by hand from base to finish makes her creations very different from the mainstream.  She forms every leaf, flower and element by band!!  I just love how they are all so clean and finished and yet so very organic and earthy!!  Once the design meets her creative standards it is fired (in a kiln @ 1500 degrees) and then hand cleaned and polished!!

She primarily can be seen at the Riverside Arts Market here in Jacksonville and other local art/craft festivals.  She also has an Etsy Shop that she is building inventory for!!

Here are some of her creations, and my favorite!! Please check out her sites and make sure you watch for new creations…..I’m sure you’ll find one you like!! 🙂

100_09964 100_10152 100_10323 2015-01261

My Favorite!




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My featured artist of the week (4/14/15) is Bryan Collins.  I actually met this terrific artist at a local art market!  I just had to show his work off to everyone!!  When I asked what he did, he said; I’m a traditional artist and illustrator, working with colored pencils, acrylics, and ink, but let me tell you, there is nothing traditional about his art!!

Mostly self taught he has been creating art for over 30 years (most of his life).  I will tell you that one thing that struck me the most was the vibrancy of colors and how he paintings ‘pop’ out at you!! Ironically his ‘professional’ career with art started out making black and white posters for musicians and promoters.  They were mostly in black and white (it was much cheaper at the time) and they were plastered all over town! But once he started creating art for a tattoo artist – using colored pencils – he moved into the vibrant colors you can now see in his art.  When I asked what he created most, he said he hasn’t move away from the robots, monsters, pouting girls, and spaceships that he started out with.

Selling at local galleries, art fairs, comic book conventions and on-line he seems to be welcome wherever he sets up!!  Although he has won some awards he looks more towards what the ‘crowd’ thinks of his art!!  His great artwork has been published in Juxtapoz.com, Game Informer and Flash Magazine to name just a few.

Please go check out his site, look over his wonderful artwork and remember to always support handmade artists – we create out of love! ~KM




 Here is one of my favoirtes!!

FireShot Screen Capture #131 - 'Bryan Collins Art & Illustration' - www_useeverycolor_com_pastwork_htm





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