Finished Jack Skellington, Beautul ACEO from Pixie Perfect Designs and A New Purple Creation

What a WEEKEND!!  And now it is Monday and the kids are ‘lounging’ around on the couch!! Yep, it’s Presidents day so they have the day off…but that is OK, I’ve all TYPES of things for them to do later!! 🙂 (insert evil mom laugh)

On Friday my site was down for a little bit so I didn’t get to show you the finished Jack Skelington, my newest listing and what I am working on now…so let’s get started with all of that!

Here is JACK!!  I think soon I’ll have to make another of these (a little different) because so many people loved it so very much!!

Jack Skellington Beadwoven Wall Art 4x12 1

Here is the ‘making of’ video if you want to watch it!!

But I have something else to show you before I go any farther….these are so very cool!! I was part of a ACEO swap a little bit ago and there was some give-a-ways that went with it after.  Well, I won a beautiful ACEO (the black and white) and also a custom designed one (of course the dragonfly) from Pixie Perfect Designs By Tiffany Guinn.  And she also added an extra one (the mermaid’s hair).  I have to say, I can do most art, but I am unable to draw, paint or do anything of the such!! These are just amazing!! I am a PROUD owner of THREE original  Pixie Perfect Designs By Tiffany Guinn designs!!

Pixie Perfect Designs ACEO

Here is the new listing from Friday (I don’t have one for today)!

Large Mixed Agate and Silver Necklace Set 2

And here is what I started on Friday (and where I am starting this morning) after I finished the Jack Skelington Wall Art!! purple faceted stone wrk 1

purple faceted stone wrk 8

Several of you have already taken advantage of my sale, but if you haven’t – or just want something more for yourself – now is the time.  The sale ends soon!!

2000 Blog Post Celebration

Today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.  F. Scott Fitzgerald

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2 Responses

  1. Keri LaPensee

    Jack came out Awesome!!! What wonderful stuff you won that is some Nifty artwork!! That purple piece is a beauty!

    • Krafty Max

      THank you!!! I just love the artwork…so much talent!! ~KM