Finished Lady of the River Avadale, Labradorite in the Works and an Extended #Sale!

I finished her last night!!  I know, it is crazy to think of these necklaces as ‘her’, but for some reason they all take on their own life while I am beading them and they have their own personalities!!  Many of them I agonize over the name for hours (sometimes days) before I find the right one!  This one, however, came right to me!  I thought of waves/rivers the entire tiem I was beading her.  The name actually came to me late last night!!  All I could think of was the ‘Waves of Avadale’ – so, she became the Lady of River Avadale!  What do you think of her?  Do you like the way the strap goes AROUND the bottom?  Please, tell me what you think – your critic really means a lot to me!!!

Lady of the River Avadale

Since I finished her yesterday I pulled out another project to work on and I picked Labradorite!  This is one of those stones that is just BEAUTIFUL without doing anything to it!!  But, I hope that I can frame it into something a little more special!! Here is the beads I picked and where I start off this morning!

Labradorite Drop Bdwvn Necklace wrk 1

Labradorite Drop Bdwvn Necklace wrk 3

Have you taken advantage of my sale….I know many have….it is helping me clear out my creations and giving YOU a chance to have a Krafty Max Original Design!!

April Fools Sale EXTENDED copy

Some of you know that I do some reviews off and on….well, this case was sent to me to do a review and I just love it!!  I have to say that it is SLIM and feels great to hold!! You can see my entire review here –

phone case 1

But for today I would like to leave you with this thought;

Laughter is the sun that drive winter from the human face! ~Victor Hugo

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4 Responses

  1. Jessica L

    Lady of River Avadale is quite a beauty and I love the way the strap rolls around the whole piece giving it the wavy feel of the River and the colors are just magnifique!! I love the way it came out and the name suits it perfectly!!

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you….yes, I think I was thinking of WATER the whole time!! ~KM

  2. Virginia

    I love the name Lady of River Avadale! Its a beautiful name. The colors you chose and the way you wrapped the strap around, really gives it a feel of waves moving along on a river.

    • Krafty Max

      Thank you so much…that is what I was going for!! ~KM